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Our numerous resident committees offer you a meaningful and engaging opportunity to take an active role in the community, while getting to know your new neighbors and friends. These committees and informal groups help make the decisions that affect and strengthen our retirement neighborhood. You can choose to participate if that’s your style, or you can sit back and take a low-key approach - both are welcome and enjoyed!

3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) Committee

This committee is invested in helping Silver Maples become a more sustainable and environmentally conscience organization through recycling and education. They work with the Programming, Maintenance and Culinary Director to implement their initiatives.

Meetings: First Wednesday of the Month, 3:00pm, Conference Room

How to Join: See Winn Nichols

Activities Committee

The Activities Committee plans events, outings, and programs to meet the social, physical, intellectual, spiritual, creative, and vocational needs of residents.

Meetings: First Thursday of the Month, 11:00am, Garden Room

How to Join: See Winn Nichols

Art Committee

The Art Committee seeks to enhance the beauty and spirit of Silver Maples by selecting, mounting, and replacing works of art throughout our community. By periodically reviewing and exchanging works of art we hope to enrich our shared living experience through the silent embrace of beauty.

Meetings: Third Wednesday of the Month, 3:00pm, Garden Room

How to Join: See Winn Nichols

Development Committee

The Silver Lining Fund Committee is an advisory committee for The Silver Lining Fund, a benevolent fund for residents who may outlive their assets. The committee advises the Donations Coordinator on strategies for fundraising and discusses policy development.

Meetings: Last Tuesday of the Month, 3:00pm, Conference Room

How to Join: See Kristine Bradley

Food Committee

Serves as a conduit for constructive suggestions from residents to the Food Service Staff and vis-versa, to assist the Food Service Staff in providing the best dining experience possible given the practical constraints of space, staff, and financial resources.

Meetings: Second Friday of the Month, 1:00pm, Game Room

How to Join: See Patti Kucera

Happy Hour & Pizza Party Committee

Does not have regular meetings or report to council.

How to Join: See Winn Nichols if you want to help with these resident-coordinated events.

Hospitality Committee

Welcomes and serve as primary contact for new residents, ensuring they know about programming opportunities and processes surrounding the community. Assists Marketing with open house and VIP Waitlist events.

Meetings: Meets Quarterly, 3:00pm, Game Room

How to Join: See Christina Kim

Library Committee

The Library Committee seeks to provide an inviting space which offers both print and electronic resources. Committee members contribute by attending monthly meetings and weekly doing a bit of card filing and checking in/shelving that day's books.

Meetings: Last Friday of the Month, 10:00am, Library

How to Join: See Winn Nichols

Maintenance Committee

The purpose of the committee is to provide an avenue for the flow of information between residents and staff relative to grounds, building maintenance, and housekeeping.

Meetings: Second Monday of the Month, 3:00pm, Game Room

How to Join: See Tim Lamb

Memorial Garden Committee

The mission of the Memorial Garden Committee is to give maximum residents’ support to Silver Maples maintenance and development of the Memorial Garden.  This involves both planting and tending the garden with Silver Maples staff while also working with the Administration on the overall infrastructure which sustains that garden.

Meetings: First Tuesday of the Month (April - October), 3:00pm, Garden Room

How to Join: See Winn Nichols

Resident Council

Resident organization that, among other things, raises money for scholarships and employee gratuity, hears reports from committees & CEO, and helps to decide how life at Silver Maples works. Members of this council are elected in May.

Meetings: Third Monday of the Month, 2:00pm, Maples Room

How to Join: Members of this council are elected in May

Spiritual Enrichment Committee

Work with the Chaplain to plan and implement gatherings and activities that add to the depth and meaning in the life of the individual and surrounding community.

Meetings: Services are Sundays, 9:45am, Maples Room

How to Join: See Chaplain Jeff Crowder

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