Dining Hours and Menus

Trellis Dining Room Menu

Monday - Friday
Dinner: 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Saturday & Sunday

Bistro 100

Monday - Friday
Dinner: 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Saturday & Sunday

Beer & Wine Service

Monday - Friday
12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Arbor Dining Room Menus


Breakfast: 7:30 AM – 10:00 AM
Lunch: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Dinner: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM


Sunday - Saturday
8:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Breakfast: 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Lunch: 11:00 AM - 2:30 PM

*Extra seating available in the Bistro

Quick Call Reference

Maples Receptionist:
(734) 475-4111

Meadows Receptionist:
(734) 475-1490

Courtyard Café:
(734) 433-5235

Culinary Services:
(734) 433-5207

(734) 433-5208

Salon, Spa & Barbering:
(734) 433-5222

Social Services:
(734) 475-4111 ext. 238

(734) 433-5205

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Ellen Kent

My mother came up from Florida for a month this summer. Due to her mobility difficulties, she stayed at Silver Maples in their Respite Care room, which is a small studio apartment. This is essentially a short-term for people who want to visit (like my mother) or an option is someone is thinking about moving to Silver Maples, but wants to try it out first. It is in the Meadows area, so it is more assisted than the Maples area. Mom had a bracelet on 24/7, so she could get help whenever she needed it. It was an exceptional experience! The food was amazing, she met some lovely friends, we visited in the Respite Care studio apartment where she stayed, the beautiful courtyard, went for drives, and took her out to see sights in Chelsea and Ann Arbor. There are zero stairs in Silver Maples, so she could use her walker and go to their libraries, dining rooms, and (her favorite) the outdoor areas. Silver Maples is is a gem in our beautiful town, and the Respite Care seems to be unique. If you have a loved one who is interested, I recommend it highly. I will add that I worked with Suzy Stacey throughout the process and she was wonderful. Mom is already talking about coming back next year!

I have been the Marketing and Sales Intern at Silver Maples of Chelsea for the last two summers and I could not have asked for a better organization to learn from, grow at, and serve. I consistently tell others if I could work here forever, I would! The bonds I have created with both the residents and staff is unmatched. The amenities & services are great, the care is wonderful, and the environment is warm & welcoming. I am so lucky to have spent two summers here; I cannot recommend this organization enough for individuals seeking employment & for families and their loved ones who are beginning to look at retirement home options.

My mother has been a resident of Silver Maples for 6 years + and has resided in both independent and assisted living. We are ever so grateful to the staff who have helped to make this a real home for my mother. Their kindness, attention to detail, follow-through and communication with us is really outstanding. During this pandemic, we are especially grateful for the continued excellent care she receives when we can't be there in person to visit. My mother, soon to be 94, has been in assisted living for 2 years now and is in as strong a condition as she was when she first moved in. She appreciates the times when staff sit down with her in her apartment to chat, when they come in to invite her to an activity, when they bring her a blanket during an outside visit, etc. It's all the details and the genuine care that the staff show that makes living at Silver Maples a gift for my mother that we don't take for granted. But then again, I felt this the first time I walked through the front doors, in search of a place for my parents to move to. From my very visit, I felt this positive and welcome energy. Thank you!

The Best There Is Silver Maples’ greatest strength and most valued intangible to its residents, is its staff. It is very much ‘a vibrant community’, exceling at ‘creating and supporting a positive aging experience’. To our family, Silver Maples staff, from its Executive Director to staff at every experience level, in every capacity, overwhelmed our mother and father by their genuine interest in their lives and their interest in the lives of every other resident. It reflects well on Silver Maples when the staff knows names, smiles, and interacts with residents (there are so many, many truly extraordinary ladies and gentlemen living at Silver Maples). Our parents lived the best possible life in their last years at Silver Maples. The entire campus is maintained spotless; its highly professional maintenance staff seems instantaneously responsive to requests. Their apartment was very, very nice, furnished with familiar things brought with them. Mom and Dad so enjoyed regularly interacting with staff, whether nurses and nursing assistants available 24/7, a meticulous housekeeping staff, cordial dining room or Bistro and maintenance staff; all, outstanding women, and men; all lived an ethos devoted to making resident life the best it can be. Like many, we could not help but notice the staff’s attitude. Extracurricular field trips, exercise class, special-interest groups, sing-alongs, the flower gardens where residents were encouraged to be involved, on-site religious services, bus service to appointments in town: all oriented toward resident’s and enhancing their quality of life. Oh, and Friday afternoon Happy Hour! Thing is, everyone involved in Silver Maples seems to grasp the value in being there; from its exceptionally professional staff, at all levels, to its exceptional residents living and enjoying such quality of life. Warmly, Jean & Bill Storey’s children, children-in-law, grandchildren & spouses and great grandchildren

This facility provides many opportunities for residents to interact with each other and with the community, helping to keep them alert, active, and involved while enjoying music and other pastimes that they have participated in for a lifetime.

This place is magic. I cannot recommend it too highly. The residents, the staff, the beautiful grounds, all combine to create a warm, supportive atmosphere, a true family for the lucky people who live and work there. My mother and my aunt moved to Silver Maples from Minnesota in 1998. My mother lived four happy and rich years there before she passed, while my aunt spent the last 21 years in a lovely independent living apartment, participating in the many wonderful activities Silver Maples offers. She was able to maintain her independence, insisting she didn't need me to transport her for shopping or doctors' appointments, as the Silver Maples van was always available. The social environment was a true second family to her. In the last six months, Doris had to move to assisted living, where she received skilled, loving, and utterly professional care until her death in November 2019. At the end of her life, Arbor Hospice worked with Silver Maple's staff to ensure Doris could remain in familiar surroundings. It's telling that the hospice nurse who helped Doris through her last days said Silver Maples was the place she herself would like to retire to. My husband and I agree! Perhaps one day we will find a home here.

My mom moved to Silver Maples 8 years ago not knowing anyone and fearful of losing her independence without a drivers license. She quickly found a loving group of friends and staff. During her stay she never lacked things to do; bridge, movies, parties, art shows , exercise classes, books galore, trips to concerts and interesting places. Driving was never an issue as she could always find transportation. The staff embraced her like family. Her final year was in Assisted Living where she received warm and constant care. We are so grateful for Silver Maples and highly recommend it.

A fantastic place with vibrant community. Loving individuals who support each other. So many activities, and continued learning opportunities with engaged, intellectually active residents. I am so happy my mom lives here.

Terry Peyton

What a great community to see mom enjoy her life without having to worry.

Marsi Parker

Everyone I know who lives there loves it. We've been to many programs where people of all ages are enjoying themselves. This place has heart.

Ruth Barnard

I love living here. The people (residents and staff) are really nice and helpful. The food is excellent. The activities here include presentations, concerts, games, trips to Grand Rapids and other places, We have free membership at the Chelsea Wellness Center next door with swimming pools, exercise equipment, trainers, and a variety of classes. One of the Silver Maples buses takes residents to local shopping areas as well as the library. The book club gets large print books selected by one of the Chelsea Librarians who helps with our discussions. There is a simple non-denominational church service on Sunday morning and a Chaplain to assist residents and families at other times. Really nice retirement community for Independent or Assisted Living.

It's basically awesome!

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