About Our Library

The Library is a welcoming place located just off our main lobby. The cozy Fireplace Room is a perfect setting to read the morning newspaper or work on a puzzle.

The adjoining Main Room is a well-lit area where you can browse the bookshelves (even if using a walker or wheelchair), check out a book, use a computer, play Scrabble or a card game, or sit in a comfortable easy chair while enjoying a magazine.


Book Collection

  • The main collection of books is arranged in the following sections:
    Large print, fiction, mystery, and the Michigan and Silver Maples Collections in the Main Room.
    Non-fiction and biography in the Fireplace Room.
    Shelf signage indicates each section.
  • The Chelsea District Library (CDL) rotating large print book selection on the Main Room counter.
  • New Books and Special Display Books carts.
  • A “branch library” collection including AV resources in Meadows.


  • Current newspapers are Library Use Only and include the: Ann Arbor News,
    Ann Arbor Observer, Detroit Free Press, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal.
    Current issues are displayed on the coffee table in the Fireplace

    Room. Past issues, stacked on a nearby shelf, are available for personal use
    on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Magazines are arranged in three wall racks in the following categories:
    Substantive News, Nature & Science, and Popular.
    All magazines are donated. If you borrow issues, please return.

Computers and Printer

  • Two desktop computers in the Main Room provide access to your email,
    Google, and several other applications.
  • A printer includes the photocopy feature.


  • Puzzles – a large collection of 500-piece puzzles for use in the library.
  • Games – cards; Scrabble is housed on top shelf over a computer.
  • Children’s Cupboard – books, puzzles, and toys. Feel free to borrow for
    your little visitors and return after they wave goodbye.
  • Library Staff – for use by Library Committee members.

How to Borrow a Book

  1. Locate the checkout card in the card pocket in the front of the book.
  2. Date (mm/dd/yy) and sign the checkout card. Please be sure to include the year.
  3. Place the card in the gray checkout box located on library counter in the Main Room.
  4. Return books through the Book Return slot

Waiting List Request

  1. Locate Waiting List Request form in pamphlet display on the library counter in the Main Room.
  2. Fill out the Request form and put through the Checkout Box slot.
  3. When the book is returned, we will check it out in your name and place it in your mail box
Library Counter_2

Book discussions are held the 2nd Thursday of each month alternating between two groups. Meetings, usually lasting an hour, are announced in the monthly calendar and the library’s monthly newsletter.

Let’s Talk BooksAttendees gather to share what they have been reading.

All-Read – Each year the visiting Chelsea District librarian selects six titles of various genres for our All Read book discussions. The current year’s titles are posted on the Library’s bulletin board. The CDL librarian provides a set of books for each title to our library well in advance of our meeting and she moderates our discussion. See a library committee member to check out an All Read book and return it by the day we meet to discuss it.

The Library Committee is here to assist all library users. A list of members is posted on the bulletin board in the library’s Main Room.

Committee members meet monthly although individual members contribute their time, generally on a weekly basis, to carrying out circulation and other activities that enable us to offer our many library services.

The level of services that the library offers the Silver Maples community is unique when compared to other senior living communities in this region. It is due in great part to the commitment of the committee members.

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