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The Silver Maples Difference Is The People

It’s difficult to truly know if the retirement neighborhood and lifestyle we’re offering is a perfect fit for you or your family member. What makes Silver Maples so unique has nothing to do with our wonderful building, fabulous programming, or convenient amenities and services. The uniqueness you feel comes from the daily interactions of our staff, residents and their families, as we support one another and strive to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Joy DeLisle

My work was offered for sale at the 2023 Harvest Art Market. Barn Lion Studio makes original photo art greeting cards. This was my best and most fun show. The residents were very friendly and loved my cards. I will return in 2024.

Beth LaPorte

My mother-in-law lived at SilverMaples for over 7 years and enjoyed her time there immensely. She developed many new friendships and the staff treated her like family. My only criticism was that when she moved over to assisted living and needed more help, they were occasionally understaffed.

Andy LaPorte

My mother spent 5 wonderful years at Silver Maples independent living and two more years at the Meadows in assisted living. She loved both places and the care she received was excellent. The staff truly loved her and worked well with family concerns. Andy LaPorte

Elizabeth LaPorte

The caring and highly competent staff at Silver Maples is what makes this a special community. My mother lived there for about 8 years and for the last year and a half was in assisted living. The care managers set an example of compassionate care, and the care staff was awesome during a very difficult time. They were also kind and helpful to me and my family. I highly recommend Silver Maples of Chelsea.

Debra Groth

Wonderful venue for fall and holiday shopping with diverse gift items.

Terris Ahrens

Huge fan of this place! Wonderful community partner. The facilities, staff, and ambience are all top notch! Always excited when I have the opportunity to stop by!

Jane Miller

Our entire family has had a very good experience with The Meadows (assisted living) within Silver Maples. Most importantly, the entire staff is caring and compassionate. The rooms accommodate everything my mom needs for her daily life. Dining options including in room delivery, or dining room settings are very nice. The food service staff do an extra special job on holidays! We highly recommend The Meadows of Silver Maples.

rebecca wise

Best place I've ever worked!

Megan Wojton

Just celebrated my 3 year Anniversary at Silver Maples and couldn’t imagine working anywhere else! Residents, Families, Friends, Visitors and Staff are like one big family unit. I take pride in providing the best care to our residents and their families/friends in assisted living, and it’s apparent that all of our staff do as well! From spectacularly kept grounds to regularly updated living spaces, Silver Maples takes pride in our residents living space! The care given to those in Assisted Living definitely exceeds that found in other places. At Silver Maples the activities of daily living are delivered with a genuine smile and the treatment you would expect from a family member. Our residents are always an extension of our family, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! A visitor recently commented to me that living at Silver Maples looks like our residents are staying at a 5 star all inclusive resort—and I couldn’t agree more!

Karen Slotten

Silver Maples has been the best choice for my parents. They are busier than ever with the activities and special events that are available for them. Their favorites are dime bingo and bridge. Their apartment is so nice and we often join them at the cafe for lunch or one of the dining rooms for dinner. They cannot believe that they have 6 choices for dinner each night and the food is wonderful! I am also impressed with how kind and involved the staff is with the residents. They really put them first and we are so grateful for that.

km h

My mother moved in to the Meadows (assisted living) a year ago. Living at Silver Maples has been a wonderful experience for her. She loves her apartment, and enjoys walking on the paved paths thru the gardens and woods. The food is very good - her diet has improved so much compared to what she was eating when she lived on her own. Altho my mom tends to keep to herself, she attends daily exercise classes and one or two events each week. The staff is very good about asking her if she'd like to participate in specific activities, and show her how to get to the concerts or the library, etc. I visit several times a week, and continue to be so impressed with the kindness of the staff, and their care and expertise. They have taken the time to actually get to know my mom, they understand her quirks and are unfazed by that, and they always have time to answer her questions or have a friendly chat with her. When I visit my mom, she often says how fortunate she is to live at the Meadows. There are also occasional field trips, which are very well-managed, with plenty of staff to assist. I highly recommend Silver Maples.

Kendall Tucker

I have been the Marketing and Sales Intern at Silver Maples of Chelsea for the last two summers and I could not have asked for a better organization to learn from, grow at, and serve. I consistently tell others if I could work here forever, I would! The bonds I have created with both the residents and staff is unmatched. The amenities & services are great, the care is wonderful, and the environment is warm & welcoming. I am so lucky to have spent two summers here; I cannot recommend this organization enough for individuals seeking employment & for families and their loved ones who are beginning to look at retirement home options. The best organization to work for & reside in!

Lilian Anderson

My mother has been a resident of Silver Maples for 6 years + and has resided in both independent and assisted living. We are ever so grateful to the staff who have helped to make this a real home for my mother. Their kindness, attention to detail, follow-through and communication with us is really outstanding. During this pandemic, we are especially grateful for the continued excellent care she receives when we can't be there in person to visit. My mother, soon to be 94, has been in assisted living for 2 years now and is in as strong a condition as she was when she first moved in. She appreciates the times when staff sit down with her in her apartment to chat, when they come in to invite her to an activity, when they bring her a blanket during an outside visit, etc. It's all the details and the genuine care that the staff show that makes living at Silver Maples a gift for my mother that we don't take for granted. But then again, I felt this the first time I walked through the front doors, in search of a place for my parents to move to. From my very visit, I felt this positive and welcome energy. Thank you!

Susan Westbrooks

It has been almost a month since my mom passed. She lived both in the independent living apartments and assisted living apartments at Silver Maples. We were very happy that my mom could be close to us in Chelsea and part of such a wonderful community. I miss my mom and I miss Silver Maples. Each time I drive to town I think of stopping at Silver Maples. Then I remind myself, no mom is not there anymore. The sense of loss goes beyond mom to the loss of a whole community of people that would greet us, tell us how much they loved my mom and her dog, and who supported us in the care of our mother. We (our family, staff and residents of Silver Maples) shared many times of happiness including when she won first prize for her Halloween costume (She looked forward to Halloween every year.) and sadness knowing she was near end of life. Thanks Silver Maples. Each time I drive by I will be thinking....I wonder how everyone is doing! Take care.


We scoured lower Michigan to find a suitable residence for my aging yet fiercely independent parents. Their move to Silver Maples provided a dignified transition out of their failure to be self-sufficient in the family home (due to arthritis and other physical weakness) into the graceful pattern of dinner in a restaurant setting every evening, bi-weekly housekeeping, no home maintenance, local gatherings for coffee or music, a fitness membership, and much more. The cost to enter SM, as well as the monthly fees, remains lower than other senior communities in close examination of the services provided, the amenities available, and the commitment to future assistance; you also get a lot more for the money in the bright feel, broad hallways, 'family'-like staff, and upkeep and cleanliness of SM---built 20 years ago, it feels brand new. The best surprise is the positive culture; SM has brought comfort and happiness to my parents that we did not even KNOW they needed at the time of their move. No regrets (parents or daughters) after five years at SM: get yourself on the waiting list, you will not regret your decision.

Tom Werner

My wife and I had the pleasure of having our parents (her father and mother, and my mother) as residents at Silver Maples. My wife's father and mother lived in independent living for four-and-a-half years, then her mother lived on the assisted side for about six months. My mother lived on the independent side for six-and-a-half years, then on the assisted side for a short time. As children of residents, we would recommend Silver Maples most highly. The amenities and services at Silver Maples (such as food, cleanliness, activities, and so forth) are excellent. What really makes Silver Maples stand out, however, are (1) its culture and (2) the competence of its staff. The Silver Maples culture is evident if you chat with any employee. Not only are the managers, receptionists, and events coordinators friendly and helpful (as one would like to expect), but you can approach absolutely any housekeeper, operations crew person, or food server and that person will immediately stop and help you knowledgeably and cheerfully. This leads to a warm, attentive culture between residents and staff and among the residents themselves. The words "neighborhood" and "community" are not just buzzwords at Silver Maples. They have carefully created a truly warm, interactive culture. The competence of the staff at all levels is impressive. Over the years we have had occasions to talk to managers, staff, and caregivers, both on the independent and assisted sides, on a wide range of residential and healthcare topics, from strategic care issues to nitty-gritty, where-do-I-find-this questions. All of the Silver Maples staff have been unfailingly knowledgeable and informative. And they never miss an action item or follow-up. In summary, based on extensive experience, we very strongly recommend Silver Maples. The two key criteria for judging a senior residence community are its culture and the competence of its staff, and Silver Maples shines in these areas. We feel very fortunate that our parents were Silver Maples residents.

Bob Stefanski

Warm and caring staff, awesome residents

Kathy Falkner

Compassionate care. Great social networking. Stimulating environment throughout the campus. GREAT staff and planned activities.

Betsy Finn

We recently moved my grandfather into Silver Maples. The staff has been such a blessing to us during a very crazy transitional time. Everyone has been cheerful and willing to accommodate our requests. And both staff and residents alike have been kind to my kids (who are admittedly a little too excited to be on their best behavior regarding "walking feet" only in the halls). We are really grateful for the wonderful experience so far.

Leon White

Having lived at Silver Maples for more than five years now, I am unable to imagine a more satisfying and stimulating place to call home. Paraphrasing what another resident said at one of our weekly Men's Coffee gatherings: "I thought I was coming to Silver Maples simply to live out the remaining years of my life. How wrong that was. I have discovered life here to be far more pleasant and fulfilling then I ever dreamed possible".

Angelo Angelocci

Hello, Folks, After I moved into Silver Maples, my friends asked me how I liked it. Without wasting a breath, I told them "I love it". My next sentence was usually, "I should have moved in five years ago". Easy to say that. I'll tell you why. Ready: Here goes: Friendly? Couldn't be friendlier. Residents? All kind and all kinds and very welcoming. Activities? Take your choice of concerts, travel,, shoot pool, Wii bowling, bridge, euchre, pinochle, bingo for babes and guys, horse shoes, croquet, and more. Or you can choose to do nothing.!! It's your choice. Staff? Like family, nothing less. FOOD? I dare you to find better. Local driving needs? Our bus will take you there and back. Am I prejudiced? You bet. Give a holler if you come to visit. Be glad to show you around.

Brenda Ochodnicky

Absolutely the most amazing circle of care and compassion a family could ask for their loved ones. The level of support from all staff, the amenities and proximity to medical facilities and the beautiful vibrant city of Chelsea are superior to any in Southeastern Michigan.

Sarah G

Silver Maples is the ideal retirement community for smart, educated, engaged, and lively seniors who are looking for a strong community with which to enjoy an outstanding quality of life after they downsize. It has been one of the best choices my parents have made for their retirement. I look forward to moving there when I grow up.

Susan Brooks

It gives me the best feeling to know how happy our mother is with the Silver Maples community. She has now been there for over fourteen years, and is thriving in every way. Our dad loved it too until his untimely death in 2005. Mom has wonderful friends, many stimulating activities and excursions, classes, gardens (her own and the memorial garden,) an absolutely beautiful light-filled villa with immediate response to any maintenance needs, walking trails--and the delightful village of Chelsea within easy walking or driving distance. The healthcare facilities are top notch and just adjacent to Silver Maples. Mom has recovered comfortably and fully from two major surgeries that were performed at St. Joseph Hospital in Chelsea. The Wellness Center is a fabulous asset. I wish everyone could experience such comfort and community in their eighties and beyond.

Mike Johnson

Great services! Especially the bus service.

Ann Martin

My parents moved to Silver Maples a little over one year ago. It has exceeded their expectations. They have enjoyed the many programs, trips, activities, well prepared food, social gatherings, close proximity to a health and wellness center, doctor offices and community hospital. Chelsea is a wonderful town that offers much for a senior to do including adult extended learning courses, plays, varied dining and boutique shopping. Both staff and residents were very welcoming giving it a family feel. All of these things made the adjustment to retirement community living easy.

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