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Gallery 100: Photographer Joel Geffen

Silver Maples Gallery 100 Hosts Photographer Joel Geffen

Ann Arbor based artist Joel Geffen brings his strikingly beautiful and abstract nature photography to Chelsea through October 31, 2015.

geffen liquid-sunshine-for-webGeffen, who says creating art is a process of discovery, looks for the smaller beauties within a single subject—be that a rock, a tree, or a building. I delight in discovering visual gems of light, color, line, and texture.

He adds that something will catch my imagination, such as a pattern or texture or the play of light upon a surface, and then the possibilities are endless.


“The way I see the world is grounded in my experience as a forester and an archaeologist. Both of these occupations require close observation and attention to distinguishing details—line, pattern, texture, and form. As a photographer, I seek graphic designs in nature.  I do not typically photograph an entire object or a group of objects.

geffen arizona-fantasies

His art reflects his belief in being as present as possible in the moment. He loves the spontaneous nature of catching raindrops and rivulets running down glass, and capturing the patterns of water and color as they form and disperse.

“My photographs are encounters,” said Geffen. “They are chance meetings with beauties in the world. The more my art evolves, the more I am entranced with abstract forms, with colors, patterns, lines, and textures, delighting in the discovery of these within the details of the mundane.”


geffen sky-rocket-for-webGeffen’s show runs through Oct. 31, 2015, at Silver Maples of Chelsea, 100 Silver Maples Dr., Chelsea MI. For more information about the artist, visit


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