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Technology for Seniors: Innovations That Make Life Easier

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and for seniors, it can sometimes seem like a daunting journey. Some find it intimidating, while others see it as more of a headache than a helper; but there’s no denying the positive impact technology can have on the lives of older adults. In this article, we’ll explore the latest technology for seniors, from staying connected to managing health and having some fun!

Connecting with Ease: Video Calling Technology for Seniors

In the realm of staying connected, smartphones have revolutionized the game. Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime are not just for the younger generation; they’re perfect for seniors too. There are even video-calling platforms designed specifically with seniors in mind. Dive into the world of senior-friendly video calls with insights from’s article, “Best Video Calling Devices for the Elderly.”

Prioritizing Health: The Rise of Smartwatches and Telehealth for Seniors

Health technology for older adults has taken a giant leap forward, with wearable devices becoming a staple, often recommended by physicians. Smartwatches, in particular, stand out. According to Forbes’ “Best Smartwatches For Seniors Of 2023,” these devices do more than just tell time – they can remind seniors to take medications, monitor blood oxygen levels, and even provide GPS tracking for added safety.

Telehealth emerges as a valuable technology for seniors, saving both time and money. Initially introduced to many during the pandemic, telehealth has now become a widely accepted practice. It proves particularly beneficial for older adults who may be fragile, reside far from their physicians, or face challenges in securing transportation. With the telehealth process refined and streamlined, seniors are pleasantly surprised by the speed and convenience it offers for consulting with physicians from the comfort of their homes. To learn more about the type of care your physician can provide via telehealth, check out the article “Understanding Telehealth.”

Smart Home Solutions: Making Life Easier and Safer

Smart home devices are not just for the tech enthusiasts; they bring a new level of convenience and safety for seniors. Smart thermostats provide efficient heating and cooling of your home, and programmable appliances that run during periods of lower energy cost can help you save money. Explore hands-free virtual assistants like Amazon’s Echo (Alexa) and Apple’s Siri, and don’t forget to consider safety features like video doorbells and security cameras. AARP has curated a list of vetted smart home options in their article, “What You Need (and Don’t) to Make Your Home Smart.”

Real-Time Assistance: Food Delivery and Ridesharing

Food delivery services have become a lifeline for seniors, offering the convenience of groceries or meals from local restaurants without leaving home, pushing a shopping cart or loading/unloading groceries. Consider the options highlighted in’s article, “Best Meal Delivery Services for Seniors.”

Ridesharing services tailored for seniors are also on the rise, emphasizing safety and independence. Among the many choices described in the’s article, “8 Ridesharing Services for Seniors” are the more well known Uber and Lyft as well as a new senior-specific arrival like Go Go Grandparent. Additionally, the National Volunteer Transportation Center links seniors to around 1,000 volunteer organizations for transportation needs.

Adding Fun to the Mix: Tech for Leisure and Entertainment

Technology isn’t just about convenience – it can also add a dash of fun to seniors’ lives. Explore online games with grandkids, virtual travel experiences with Google Arts and Culture, or immerse yourself in the wonders of virtual reality with a headset that can take you to the top of a mountain or the depths of the ocean.

Embracing technology doesn’t have to be overwhelming. At Silver Maples of Chelsea, we understand the learning curve with technology for seniors, and we’re here to help our residents make the most of these tech wonders. We offer “How To” classes that highlight social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, classes that train individuals how to take full advantage of our community app which offers easy ways to stay up-to-date regarding trips, events and regular programs as well as an easy way to connect with neighbors. Technology offers convenience and social connection opportunities which is invaluable!

Want to learn more about our award winning community? Located near Ann Arbor, Silver Maples offers both independent and assisted living options and services. Contact us today to get information regarding the various living options, current availability and waitlist options to suit your move-in timeline. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you find a retirement community that fits your individual needs when you’re ready!

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