What makes Silver Maples unique is our heart


Personal insight from our residents, families and staff

What makes Silver Maples so unique has nothing to do with our wonderful building, fabulous programming, or convenient amenities and services. What really makes us unique is our heart and how our staff, residents and families interact daily and the things we do to enjoy all that life has to offer. Below is some insight from those who have either known us for years or are brand new friends and fans of our unique retirement neighborhood. We hope you enjoy the personal insight.

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Quite simply… this place is very special! All residents, family members and staff contribute to its uniqueness. No place or person is perfect, what I’ve found is that everyone’s heart is in the right place. It’s truly a great place to work!

ChristinaStaff member

There’s just something special about being a part of this community. Maybe it’s the water! But there’s a sense of family…community, between residents and staff. We care for each other. We’re each part of what we do here. Opinions and feedback are shared. Projects and programs, friendships and family, move forward together. But my favorite part about being a member of Silver Maples? The residents. They are all so cool. So funny. So serious. So well-traveled. So insightful. So fun to be with. So interesting. Everyone is different and everyone has something to share!

ShawnStaff member

Every time I visit my parents at Silver Maples I get the sense that my folks are in college and having the time of their lives. The only thing missing is the studying and exams. They have so many friends, we can’t walk down the hall without stopping to chat with someone. They go to exercise class and laugh with their friends and then over to the coffee hour where they chat some more. They love going to lunch and dinner and socializing with their friends. My mother loves to pronounce proudly that “I never have to cook again!” Even going to get their mail is an excuse to check in with their neighbors and hear all the latest news.
I can say with absolute certainty that my parents’ time at Silver Maples has been one big party. Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about their grades!

M. WernerFamily member

Every time my dad and I talked on the phone or I came for a visit, we both would comment on how great the staff is at Silver Maples. Dad will always end our conversation or time together by saying, “This is a really great place” and he is right!

When my dad first moved into Silver Maples, it took us some time to get all his medical issues under control and every once in a while, and just to add to the excitement, he would fall and have to be taken to emergency. Every time I brought him back to Silver Maples, a group of the RCAs would gather ‘round to hear how he was doing and express how happy they were that he was okay. On one such occasion Dottie talked about how she had looked up information on the Internet about a certain medical condition my dad was diagnosed with so that she would know more about it. Wow!

On a couple of other occasions, when I brought Dad back later in the evening after a trip to the hospital, Bert would be there ready to get him a sandwich or something else to eat. And, since my dad moved apartments, she (along with everyone else) steers him in the right direction.

There was another time when I brought Dad back from my home a bit late in the evening and we needed to use the phone to ask to be let in. When one of the RCAs came to let us in, she said to my dad, “Come on in Blue Eyes. We’ve been wondering where you were!” He felt right at home with that comment!

But the best story is how Maija made the discovery that Dad has three recliners in his apartment. Yes, three. He has “his chair” and then the other two chairs are also recliners. One day someone was walking by my dad’s apartment and the door was open. When she looked in my dad, Maija and another RCA were all kicked back in the recliners with their feet up talking away! My dad and I were talking about this later and he mentioned how nice it was to have people care enough to take time to relax and have a conversation with him!

Each time I visit my dad at Silver Maples, I am greeted with a friendly smile by all. When I happen to see the RCA who is working with my dad that day, she always stops to give me an update on Dad. The sincerity and caring is so real! I appreciate that so much. Prior to Dad moving to Silver Maples, I traveled about 1 ½ hours to his home just outside Kalamazoo to take care of him and his needs. It took me a while to let go when he moved to Silver Maples. You see, I always thought that no one could take care of my dad better than me. Well, I now know that the RCAs here at Silver Maples do just that!

Though I couldn’t mention each of you by name, please know that you have a very special place in my heart.

W. KillipsFamily member

We found ourselves in need of a day-time and respite care facility that could measure up to what we felt was our unique situation. Our Mom was a social being, wore lipstick before picking up the mail from the mailbox but dementia robbed her of her independence. Silver Maples restored her dignity, social life, and our ability to get through our demanding day and still give her loving care and attention she required. As challenges with Mom evolved, Silver Maples was ALWAYS there with a helping hand, keeping her safe and happy. We’ve recommended them to others who experienced the same outcome. Thank you Silver Maples.

J & K MylesFamily member

My husband Bob was diagnosed with Alzheimers disease in July of 2008. I muddled along for a couple of years and then desparately neeeded some respite. I enrolled him in the Maples Club (Silver Maples’ Adult Day Program) in late 2010. We started with just two days a week but soon learned that Bob was getting socialization that he could no longer get from just being at home with me. Three days a week saved my sanity. He was at the Maples Club up until the time that I could no longer keep him at home. I was so fortunate to have this resource right in our town. It virtually allowed me to keep Bob at home for at least an extra year. I bless the caring souls who helped us through those years!

D. HodderFamily member

Our family is so thankful that Mom was able to get an apartment at Silver Maples. The past year has given her some medical challenges and the staff is so supportive. You all have become extended family to us, keeping Mom safe and independent. Thanks for your dedication to the residents and families to keep the community pleasant and positive.

T.PeytonFamily member

I would like to express my appreciation to the Silver Maples staff and especially the Maples Club. This program allowed me to keep my husband home with me for at least an extra year before I couldn’t take care of him alone any more. The caring staff and the socialization he got from going to the many activities offered throughout the day enriched his life and saved mine. Thank you for helping us through this emotional rollercoaster. I will be forever thankful for the Maples Club.

L. KinderFamily member

Let’s let Silver Maples’ meticulously cared for lawns, meandering sidewalks, beautifully maintained facilities and their close proximity to one of the finest medical centers around, speak for itself. What’s most important lies beyond the brick and mortar, it’s their incredible, caring staff. That’s what makes Silver Maples what it is, a warm, comfortable and friendly place to live. Our family will always be grateful that our mother had the opportunity to spend the autumn years of her life in such a wonderful retirement community.

The A. Davis FamilyFamily member

An eighteen year resident of Florida, upon the death of my wife, I decided to return to Michigan where my two sons lived. I asked them to find a place I could move to. They spent some time comparing various future homes and finally suggested Silver Maples. It pays to have good sons – they were so right! The facility, the staff, the food and the atmosphere are all excellent! I am more than satisfied – I am happy here!

L. LindemerResident