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Retirement Community – What Does This Really Mean?

It wasn’t too long ago that the term “retirement community” was synonymous with “nursing home.” However, today’s senior living communities are full of vibrant, independent seniors who appreciate convenience and enjoy the variety of services, amenities, and, should it become necessary, the right level of support and healthcare services.

Life expectancy is at an all-time high today in our country, and older adults live active lifestyles for longer than ever before. You might be using your increased longevity to remain in the workforce, spend time with your grandchildren, volunteer in your community or even travel the world. Or, you might simply appreciate having more time to relax and enjoy every single day, not wasting a moment of your time.  A retirement community can offer you all of this, and so much more!

Enjoy trips and adventures, cultivate new friendships, and enjoy your hobbies in your retirement!

Debunking the Myths about Senior Living Communities

When you hear the term “independent senior living,” what comes to mind? If you’re like most older adults, you probably think it means to age in place in the home where you built your life. After all, you don’t yet require any assistance with daily activities like dressing or bathing. However, more seniors today recognize the joys of downsizing their homes and the benefits moving to a senior living community provides.

We understand that moving to a retirement community is a major, life-changing decision, and we’re here to address some of the most common myths and concerns about making the move.

Myth #1: I will lose my independence in a senior living community.

Community living actually boosts your independence! Once you’re relieved of home maintenance tasks like mowing the lawn, you’ll have more time to spend on the things that matter most to you. Enjoying time with friends, finding a new hobby, or joining a club – the choice is entirely yours. You may find that you are more independent than ever before!

Myth #2: I will run out of things to do.

We guarantee you will never be bored at our retirement neighborhood! In fact, our goal is to make life as enriching as possible offering programs that touch on the 7 dimensions of wellness. You’ll find a wide variety of social events and activities, life enrichment programs and more to prove that life certainly doesn’t have to slow down as you grow older.

Myth #3: I won’t be able to come and go as I please.

Moving to an independent senior living community is simply a change of address. You’re free to attend off-campus events, visit family or travel the countryside as much as you desire.

Myth #4: I don’t need to move while I’m still active and independent.

Studies show that moving to a retirement neighborhood while you’re still healthy can actually help maintain your good health. Thinking you don’t need to move while you’re active and independent can also be risky. Why wait until a health crisis results in placing the burden of caregiving on a loved one, or forces you to move when you aren’t fully prepared?

Enjoying an Independent Lifestyle at a Retirement Community

There’s no “one size fits all” senior living community. It’s important to consider your lifestyle, any health concerns, and the additional support you may need in the future before choosing the senior housing option that is right for you.

Will, a current resident at Silver Maples Retirement Neighborhood, says he knew it was the right time to move to an independent living apartment simply because he was starting to feel isolated in his home after becoming a widower. He didn’t want to put any burden on his children, either, so he began seeking other living arrangements. Today, he’s thriving at Silver Maples, spending time in the community’s woodshop, serving on a resident committee and building lasting relationships with his neighbors.

Likewise, residents Johan and Donna chose to move to Silver Maples after visiting friends here and enjoying our ”Silver Maples Getaway” in our VIP suite. Initially they thought this would be a great option for down the road, but that feeling changed as soon as they stepped foot on the campus; they knew this was the lifestyle they wanted to lead. Sometimes, simply experiencing community living is all it takes to know you’re ready. This is why at Silver Maples, we encourage potential residents to really get a feel for our community by not just taking a tour, but by staying for lunch or dinner, and even joining our VIP Wait List where you’ll have an opportunity to book your own “Silver Maples Getaway” and will be invited to special on-campus events.

Enhance Your Quality of Life at Silver Maples

We invite you to come see what life is like at Silver Maples Retirement Neighborhood! Along with a variety of beautiful, comfortable senior living options, we offer countless life-enriching opportunities to keep your mind, body and soul as healthy and active as possible. Contact us today to schedule your personal tour to see all that our beautiful community has to offer.

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