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The Joys of Downsizing

Seniors Downsizing: It’s Time to Simplify Life

Moving from your home often represents an emotional time in one’s life. Each room in the house and all its contents are associated with memories, which makes packing especially bittersweet. However, for those who are craving a more relaxed lifestyle, downsizing offers a variety of benefits.

First, remind yourself why you’re considering to downsize and move. The upkeep on a large home can become quite expensive, even after the mortgage is paid in full. When big-ticket items like new windows or a roof are needed, these repairs can quickly add up. Additionally, you realize that you have more space than you can possibly use and easily maintain. After children move out, there are often rooms that are used strictly as storage space, hardly ever to be set foot in again. Plus, it’s important to consider that the upkeep of a large home can easily become overwhelming in later years when tasks like raking leaves in the fall, cleaning a home top to bottom, and shoveling snow can become challenging or even dangerous.

After downsizing and moving into a senior living community or retirement neighborhood, most report a decrease in their stress levels, as they now have peace of mind knowing the home maintenance is the responsibility of someone else, and that their future health care needs will also be met. Plus, the opportunity to enjoy life-long learning and social programming where they can continue to grow relationships with others who share their interests is a major perk!

Melody, a daughter of a couple who lived at Silver Maples, shares, “Every time I visited my parents I got the sense that my folks were in college and having the time of their lives…Even going to get their mail was an excuse to check in with their neighbors and hear all the latest news. I can say with absolute certainty that my parents’ time at Silver Maples was one big party.”

Knowing When the Time is Right for Downsizing a Home

Considering a move to a senior living community before it becomes medically necessary is a smart decision that can help keep individuals healthier as they continue down the path of aging. Silver Maples’ Director of Marketing and Sales, Christina Kim, reveals that individuals do not realize all they are missing out on by remaining in their homes. Sometimes, simply touring a community is an important step as they consider their future and their desires as they age.

It’s natural for individuals and even their adult children to think of retirement communities as their “back-up” plan. They join a Wait List at a senior living community so they know they have a spot if things change for them health-wise. “We love meeting with individuals and their families, showing off all that is available at our retirement neighborhood – painting a picture of what life could be like for them if they moved before a health event versus after.”

5 Downsizing Tips for Seniors

After making the decision that it’s time to downsize and enjoy all that a retirement neighborhood has to offer, you must start preparing for moving day. It’s important to keep in mind that downsizing means not all belongings may be able to be brought to the new home, so keep the following tips in mind:

    1. Ask for assistance. Don’t be afraid to enlist family and friends in the downsizing process! Loved ones are often more than happy to help out with packing and the move. Remember, moving can take a toll on even those in the most optimal health! Plus, you may be surprised to learn the emotional attachment your adult children or grandchildren may have to certain items. Enjoy sharing memories with them as you go through the house together.
    2. Keep the memories, not the items. Parting with belongings can be difficult due to the memories associated with them. You’ll need to make decisions about what to keep, what to donate to charity, what items to designate to family members, and what can simply be tossed.
    3. Take your time. Packing up a home for a move is a challenging task for even the most able-bodied person. Therefore, keep in mind that it is probably not possible to go through the entire household in a single day – or even a week! As soon as the decision to downsize has been made, start sorting through smaller areas, like closets, drawers and storage spaces to quickly weed out items.
    4. Write out lists. Lists are a great way to create a timeline and stay organized throughout the downsizing process. Make lists of rooms to go through and lists of items to pack, as well as lists for tasks like cancelling utilities and transferring mail.
    5. Create a plan. Having a plan for moving day helps eliminate a lot of the stress of the day, so if possible, get a floorplan of the new living space. Knowing the exact dimension of the rooms helps map out what furniture can go where, as well as how much storage space is available.

Discover Warmth and Friendship at Silver Maples after Downsizing

At Silver Maples of Chelsea, enjoy beautiful, spacious residential villas or comfortable apartments with a variety of on-site services and amenities that guarantee an engaging and quality retirement lifestyle! Continue to expand your horizons with life-enriching activities, opportunities to connect with others and countless, invigorating ways to spend your days. Contact us today to schedule a personal tour to see all our retirement neighborhood has to offer.

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