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Gallery 100: C.A.A.D.Y. Quilters

The C.A.A.D.Y. quilters are back with their annual display in Gallery 100; a favorite of Silver Maples and the Chelsea community.


The quilts on display are representative of the quilts the C.A.A.D.Y. Corner Quilters group donates to local organizations. The majority of the quilts are given to patients at the University of Michigan’s Bone Marrow Transplant Unit. Chelsea’s Faith in Action and St. Louis Center also receive quilts for their annual fundraising activities. In this exhibit, there are no identification tags to indicate who made a quilt, as each is a collaborative effort.

C.A.A.D.Y. began over 20 years ago, with members from Chelsea, Ann Arbor, Dexter, and Ypsilanti (C.A.A.D.Y.) The group meets at the Chelsea Senior Center every Tuesday afternoon.

Current members: Dee Burkel, Colleen Carey, Sally Dickinson, Jill Fairchild, Judy Flint, Mary Jo Freitas, Pat Hepburn, Barb Homick, Kitty Jensen, Cindy Jovanelly, Carol Kelly, Cheryl Kraft, Pat Kraska, Doris Lemcke, Marilyn Ligi, Colleen McPike, Laura Noble, Pat Mathews, Mary Randolf, Ann Rogers, KayJanet Silkworth, Kathi Sporer, Colleen Starkey, and and Charlotte Wyche.

Quilts will be on display through February.  Check out this showcase event details including a quick video tour.

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