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When is it Time to Move to a Retirement Community? The Benefits of Planning Early

Pre-planning for retirement can offer you many benefits and peace of mind. Explore these benefits and follow our retirement planning checklist.

Have you found yourself pondering what your life will look like as you get closer and closer to retirement? Even if that glorious day is still five or even 10 years away, the next chapter of your life isn’t as far off as you think. In fact, those years leading up to your retirement can pass in a whirlwind, and when your retirement day finally comes, you don’t want to worry about what’s next.

That’s why researching and exploring retirement communities early is so beneficial. And just like the saying, “the early bird gets the worm”, preparing early to move to a retirement community can offer you many benefits and set you up for a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement.

5 Benefits of Planning Your Move to a Retirement Community Early

Contrary to the doom and gloom portrayal of senior living communities of old, retirement communities like Silver Maples of Chelsea offer vibrant, active independent living. You can move into a beautiful, private villa or spacious apartment and maintain the lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed to –without all the hassle of home maintenance!

But to make this picturesque vision of retirement a reality, it’s important to plan early. And when we say early, we do mean four to five years in advance, at the minimum. Doing so will not disappoint and can offer you the following benefits:

1. You Can Find Exactly What You’re Looking For

Researching senior living communities should not be taken lightly. After all, this is the next place you’ll call home, it’s important to find just the right place to compliment the lifestyle you’ve enjoyed. By beginning your search years in advance, you can take tours of various communities, visit often and get a sense of how you feel at each one. Are the residents and staff warm, friendly and make you feel welcome? Are there health services and additional support available if your needs change? Is there enough to keep you active, inspired and connected? Starting your search for a retirement community early gives you plenty of time to find a place that’s just right for you.

2. You’re Less Likely to Run into Communities that are Full

Imagine you’ve found a retirement community you love, inquire about move-in dates and learn that there are no residences available. It’s not uncommon to run into this very issue if you’ve waited too long to find a retirement community. The good news is, you’re less likely to be turned away if you begin your search years before you retire. Starting early can help ensure you’ll snatch a residence or secure a spot on a wait list at the retirement community you’ve fallen in love with.

3. You Can Get Involved with the Community Before You Move In

Giving yourself plenty of years to find a retirement community means that when you finally find the right one, you’ll have time to get acclimated to the community’s surroundings and culture before actually moving in. An immediate move into a senior living community can be challenging and emotional, leaving you feeling homesick. By securing a residence at a community early on, you can start to participate in community events and activities, get to the know the staff and socialize with current residents at an easy pace. These efforts will help you feel relaxed and at-ease once you’ve finally reserved a new home and are coordinating your move.

4. Greater Peace of Mind

There’s a time and place to be spontaneous, but planning your retirement isn’t one of them. If you wait until the last minute to decide you want to move to a retirement community, you may not find exactly what you’re looking for. This can cause increased stress and anxiety as you scramble to figure out what you’re going to do when home maintenance becomes a challenge or you’ve had a change in your health that requires additional support. Researching senior living communities early can save you countless headaches and give you peace of mind about your retirement future.

5. Confident Financial Planning

Like any purchase or investment, it’s important to consider the price and monthly expenses of a senior living community, and to find a community that best meets your financial situation. By starting your search early, you can take the time you need to learn how each financial structure works and choose a community that fits comfortably within your budget.

Maintain a Vibrant, Fulfilling Lifestyle at Silver Maples of Chelsea

This next chapter of your life can be exciting, however it’s important to choose wisely as you successfully prepare for your future, That’s why we recommend starting your search for a senior living community as early as possible to give you plenty of time to find the location, amenities, services and people that can support you when life changes. At Silver Maples, we offer independent living and assisted living options on over 17 beautifully wooded acres that are just 15 minutes away from Ann Arbor. From fine dining, clubs and group outings to social and enrichment opportunities, you’ll find a warm, friendly and active lifestyle you won’t want to miss.

If you’re ready to find out more about our community and discuss living options, current availability and waitlist options that will fit your timeline, contact us today. We encourage you to also schedule a visit, as seeing our community firsthand makes all the difference. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to assist and help you find a retirement community that fits your individual needs.

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