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Gallery 100: Joanne’s Garden

July and August’s exhibit in Gallery 100 highlights the floral watercolors by Saline artist Joanne Porter. The 30 watercolors that make up the exhibit transport the visitor from gallery halls to “Joanne’s Garden.”

Joanne’s Artist’s Statement: “As a floral painter, I prefer to work from fresh flowers rather than from photographs. When I start a painting, I imagine a slight breeze gently moving the petals. I then try to capture that movement in my composition. Using many layers of color, my intent is to convey the delicate feel of the flowers as well as their richness of color.”

All pieces in the exhibit are for sale; the show comes down on August 30.

Gallery 100 is located at 100 Silver Maples Dr. and is open to the public Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm, Sat. 10am-5pm, and Sun. 10am-5pm.

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