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Silver Maples of Chelsea is Proud to Announce 3 Staff Members Are Honored by LeadingAge Michigan

Connie Napier
Suzy Stacey and Christina Kim
Members of the Silver Maples Leadership Team with Award Honorees

Excellence is a key component of Silver Maples’mission! This week LeadingAge Michigan honored Connie Napier, Christina Kim and Suzy Stacey from Silver Maples of Chelsea for their outstanding contributions at their 2021 Annual Conference and Awards Gala held at the Amway Grand Hotel in Grand Rapids.

Each year, LeadingAge Michigan honors individuals who embody excellence in leadership, care, and service innovation in the field of aging service. Award winners were nominated by their peers and selected by an esteemed group of committee members among many nominations across the state. This year’s gala took place in the Ambassador Ballroom at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Over 200 people gathered to celebrate the elite group of 30 award winners and recognize their collective achievements.

The Hometown Hero Award recognizes a gifted aging services professional who, while working for the nominating organization, has consistently demonstrated dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm in his/her profession, and has made a significant impact upon the lives of older adults. LeadingAge Michigan was pleased to honor Connie Napier, Director of Silver Maples’ Meadows Assisted Living, for her leadership during the COVID pandemic. “Connie’s efforts helped keep our residents safe and healthy. She’s incredibly committed to Silver Maples,” explains Julie Deppner, Executive Director and CEO of Silver Maples. “Our residents need to feel safe to thrive in their homes, and Connie is an integral part of what makes them feel safe. She has worked tirelessly to keep our residents safe, engaged, and thriving since she first set foot at Silver Maples. Connie Napier is so well deserving of the Hometown Hero Award,” added Deppner.

Connie joined Silver Maples of Chelsea in February of 2018. The Meadows is composed of 58 resident apartments and approximately 35 staff members. Her focus on education led to 100% of the Meadows residents receiving their vaccine, and her dedication to resident safety allowed the facility to incur zero cases of COVID-19 among the residents since the start of the pandemic. She also kept families and staff abreast of the ever-changing rules and restrictions for residents. Connie upheld an open-door policy with her care staff, which helped her staff feel comfortable checking in with her with any questions, concerns, or ideas to improve care. Her relationships and respect for her staff helped to maintain high staffing ratios throughout the pandemic and the present, even during difficult staffing shortages across the country.

The Leading-Edge Care & Services Award recognizes a member organization for programs and services that are models of innovation and excellence and contribute significantly to the quality of life of individuals served, or significantly improve the organization’s operations. The nominations for the award can come from the area of innovation in adoption of new technologies, workforce development practices, community collaboration, best practices, etc. LeadingAge Michigan was pleased to honor Christina Kim, Director of Marketing & Sales and Suzy Stacey, Sales Counselor for their exceptional teamwork and model of excellence which has greatly contributed to improving Silver Maples’ operations. “Christina and Suzy (our Dynamic Duo) demonstrate that relationships, communication and effective processes are the keys to success in improving and maintaining a healthy organization. Their strategic work and commitment to excellence continue to have a positive impact.” This award recognizes this dynamic team for their quick adjustments and deliberate implementation of process improvements that have moved occupancy rates from very good to great, even while navigating the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic created.

Christina Kim has been with Silver Maples of Chelsea since January, 2008. Over the last 13 years she has become an invaluable asset to Silver Maples taking the organization’s advertising to a new level by capturing the unique culture of the community. Her extensive knowledge of the senior living market allows her to improve efficiencies, exceed occupancy goals and create fresh and meaningful marketing campaigns year after year. “Christina is a valuable leader and a role model for our community”, shares Julie Deppner, Executive Director and CEO of Silver Maples.

Suzy Stacey joined Silver Maples 6 years ago in July of 2015. Prior to joining the Silver Maples team, she had 19 years experience in health care and media related work including marketing, sales and advertising. Suzy loves Silver Maples and is passionate about helping seniors and their families improve their quality of life. She is professional, kind and empathetic to each situation and helps individuals find the best setting and services to meet their needs. “Suzy is a very talented professional that sells from the heart”, added Deppner.

LeadingAge Michigan extends a heartfelt congratulations to Connie Napier, Christina Kim, Suzy Stacey and Silver Maples of Chelsea for their continued excellence and mission-based care, as well as the quality work to better the lives of seniors in the state of Michigan! To learn more about the 2021 Awards Gala and other award honorees, visit the 2021 Awards Gala Program or visit LeadingAge MI’s YouTube Channel to view the awards video.

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