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Wordle – Simple Rules, Creates Fun Competition and Is Great for Seniors Too!

Word games are a great way to exercise the brain and enjoy a little gratification when you win. One of the most recent word games to hit the Internet is Wordle, a once-a-day word game that challenges players to figure out the daily five-letter word in six attempts or less by a process of letter elimination.

What’s so great about Wordle for seniors?

Reduces stress, improves memory

Stress doesn’t magically disappear when you’re retired, no matter how carefree one thinks life should be. Listening to the news, worrying about money, family problems or changes in health can each bring about stress which in turn can cause other problems like tension headaches, anxiety, irritability, indigestion, and even depression. Playing Wordle offers individuals a break from everyday stressors and the opportunity to spend a little time simply concentrating on solving the word. At the same time, the simple act of concentrating may also help improve your cognitive function and critical thinking skills as well.

The pleasure of a challenge

Retirement, unlike a career, can be devoid of one of life’s little pleasures — a challenge. But accepting and overcoming challenges is one of the most gratifying and fulfilling things humans can do. Since it may be well past the time when climbing Mt. Everest or swimming the English Channel should be considered, playing Wordle might be just the right kind of challenge for older adults. According to the article, “3 reasons why you want to keep challenging yourself,” taking on a challenge that is actually doable (which is something the game was specifically designed to be) and succeeding brings personal growth that also feels pretty good. Not surprisingly, bragging about how fast the daily word was solved is another little benefit many enjoy and creates friendly competition among family and friends on a daily basis.

Winning rocks

In the same vein, playing and winning at Wordle can really make your day! Winning a game, winning a prize, winning a bet, no matter what the win, wanting to win is hard wired into our being. Thanks to natural selection, the brain rewards us for winning by releasing the neurotransmitter which plays an essential role in sleep, learning, sexual behavior, hunger, memory, and of course, happiness.

Playing Wordle may take a little time for seniors to master but when the puzzle is solved in the first one or two attempts, that serotonin rush will feel pretty good. To ensure enough serotonin is available in your digestive system the article, “Serotonin,” recommends eating more foods that contain the amino acid tryptophan including “salmon, eggs, cheese, turkey, tofu, pineapple, nuts, oats and seeds.”

Improve spelling skills

Although the jury is still out on all the benefits seniors find when playing this fun word game, one thing is for sure, it is a great way to improve your spelling skills. For decades we’ve all relied on our computer’s spell checkers and as a result have seen our ability to spell correctly go downhill. Although spelling is still a part of elementary learning, once those spelling bees and tests end and computers are introduced into daily life, it seems spelling declines.

Wordle may just help us all improve spelling because unless you’re using a dictionary (and where’s the fun in that?) it will be difficult to improve because each time a word is misspelled, that’s one less chance to solve the word in the six tries given.

Helpful tips for Wordle success

Since its arrival, Wordle has evolved and now has a league of players with knowledge and tips to share. For example, the article, “How to Play Wordle: A Beginner’s Guide with Tips and Tricks” recommends starting out with a word with three vowels and to pay close attention to letters in yellow. Yellow letters signal the letter is in the word but currently in the wrong place. Then, leave green letters exactly where they are, because they’re in the right place.

Since Wordle is now in The New York Times each day, the article, “A Collection of the Best Wordle Tips and Tricks,” offers links to statistical analysis on letter frequency, keeping in mind that letters may be used more than once in a word, and even trying the good old pen and paper method to sort it out.

Playing Wordle is just one way for older adults to make retirement a bit more fun and fulfilling. At Silver Maples of Chelsea, we’re passionate about creating and supporting a positive aging experience and strive to provide programming, events and trips that enhances lives and creates connection opportunities for those who call Silver Maples home. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a tour!

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