Committees & Groups

Committees and informal groups help make the decisions that affect the community. Some of our residents get involved in local organizations, such as the Chelsea Historical Society, or the Chelsea Center for the Arts. You can choose to participate, if that’s your style, or choose to sit back taking a low-key approach.

“I have found a place where I can continue to grow and expand my horizons.”


The purpose of the committee is to discuss ideas for programming for the upcoming month as well as long range planning.


The purpose of the committee is to discuss art opportunities for Silver Maples residents, such as open houses, art exhibits and art fairs.


The purpose of the committee is for resident representatives to discuss any issues/concerns regarding dining or food services at Silver Maples.  It may include food likes and dislikes, recipes, cleanliness, wait staff, service, etc.


The purpose of the committee is to help improve marketing capabilities and assist with the presentation of the community to prospects and families.  Also helps plan, organize and participate in the welcoming and orientation of new residents.


The purpose of the committee is to acquire, process and maintain materials for the library and to promote usage of the library.


The purpose of the committee is to serve as a liaison between residents and maintenance staff regarding building operations, which includes providing input and feedback regarding building operations and discussing any building maintenance and/or concerns.

Resident Council

The purpose of the council is to provide a forum through which constructive written recommendations may be offered and projects initiated for the mutual benefit of Silver Maples of Chelsea administration and residents. The council includes (11) members, at least two of whom shall reside in The Meadows, assisted living residence.