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Is Living in a Senior Living Community Safe During COVID-19?

A woman in a senior living retirement community sitting inside to social distance and protect herself from COVID-19.

It seems like there is a story on the news every week now about a skilled nursing or assisted living facility that’s been impacted by a COVID-19 outbreak. It’s natural during this time to second guess your thoughts regarding moving to a senior living community when you retire. Is senior living as safe as you originally thought?

While it’s true that there are nursing homes and assisted living facilities that have been impacted by COVID-19 outbreaks, that isn’t the whole story. In fact, many senior living communities across the country have been successful at keeping their residents and employees safe and healthy during this unprecedented time – now that’s some good news to share!   

How Retirement Communities are Working to Keep Residents from Contracting COVID-19

Safety has always been a top priority for senior living communities like Silver Maples of Chelsea. This pandemic has simply caused communities to implement additional protocols and procedures to ensure the safety, health and well-being of their residents, family members and staff. 

These safety measures and protocols include

  1. Closely Following CDC Guidelines. As the country’s health protection agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the leading voice on COVID-19 and how senior living communities should approach keeping their residents and employees safe. At Silver Maples, we have continued to follow CDC guidelines, including mandating social distancing and mask wearing, in order to protect our residents and staff as much as possible. We continually communicate and remind our community of the guidelines and changes that occur.
  2. Visitor Restrictions. Senior living communities like Silver Maples are one of the safest places to reside due to visitor restrictions. Following CDC recommendations and aligning with the Governor’s executive orders, visitors to Silver Maples are only permitted for the provision of medical care, the support of daily living activities and end of life situations. Visitors who are essential for a resident’s emotional well-being, care or support may also be allowed. All approved visitors are screened and must follow social distancing and sanitation guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone on our campus.
  3. Limiting Group Activities. Another way senior living communities have kept their residents safe is by limiting group activities. While enrichment programming and other activities promote socialization and engagement, large groups and close contact risk the spread of the virus. Currently communal dining and large group activities are restricted. However, knowing how valuable socialization is, we have embraced technology to allow for presentations and group discussions and meetings residents typically enjoy and have planned small group programs in large spaces or even outside to adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  4. Encouraging Residents to Limit Unnecessary Travel. As challenging as it is, one of the best ways senior living communities have contained COVID-19 is by encouraging all residents to stay in their residences. We continue to educate our residents regarding the risk of unnecessary appointments and trips.  This message is communicated to our entire community including residents, their families and our staff – we’re all in this together and want to do our part to protect our home at Silver Maples.
  5. Enforcing Mask Wearing and Social Distancing. Research has continued to show that mask wearing is a critical tool in fighting against the spread of COVID-19. At Silver Maples, we know how important it is to wear a mask and social distance; these tactics can dramatically increase our residents’ and staff members’ safety. While wearing a mask is not always comfortable, it’s a small thing you can do to protect you and your neighbor. All residents, staff and approved visitors must wear a mask while at Silver Maples. Masks have become our new accessory. We’ve even provided a complimentary Silver Maples mask to all residents and staff to enforce the importance and make it fun.
  6. Managing COVID-19 Cases, if They Occur. No senior living community can predict when or where a COVID-19 case will appear. That’s why the best retirement communities continue to adhere to safety guidelines, and monitor the health of all residents, staff and any allowed on-site visitors. At Silver Maples, if a positive case of COVID-19 is reported, we have measures and protocols in place that allow us to quickly and effectively communicate to our residents, family members and staff our policies and procedures we’ll follow to prevent community spread. The health and well-being of our residents and staff is a top priority.

Silver Maples of Chelsea Puts Your Health and Safety First

There is nothing more important than living in a place that takes your health and safety just as seriously as you do. At Silver Maples of Chelsea, we have been proactive throughout this entire pandemic, following CDC guidelines, implementing protocols and measures designed to keep our entire community healthy and safe, and communicating regular updates to residents, their families and our staff regarding changes. 

Your safety and overall quality of life is a top priority at Silver Maples.  Like everyone, we too are anxious to get back to life as usual, including our normal tempo of events, trips and celebrations.  In the meantime, rest assured that a move to a senior living community like Silver Maples of Chelsea is safe and may even provide a better quality of life than what you’re currently experiencing during this pandemic. 

Silver Maples of Chelsea offers a vibrant lifestyle that promotes health, safety and peace of mind. To learn more about our community’s living options, our COVID-19 policies and procedures or waitlist options, please contact us today.

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